Parking on Campus

All registered students at The University of Findlay are permitted to have a motor vehicle on campus regardless of class standing. All students who wish to park their vehicles in campus parking lots or on any property owned by the University must be registered with the Office of Campus Security, located in Lovett Hall.

Registration must be completed within five days of the start of the fall semester, or within three days of bringing the vehicle to campus. The University assumes no responsibility for vehicles or their contents while vehicles are parked on University-controlled property.

The student is responsible for reporting any change of license number within three days of the date on which the new number was changed in the appropriate state bureau of motor vehicles. A student operating more than one vehicle must register both vehicles and have a separate parking permit for each vehicle that is driven.

How to Register Online

Students may register their vehicles by going to Click on the appropriate permit registration tab displayed and completely fill out the form and click SUBMIT. Students may pick up their permit at the Security Office during the first week of classes.

Parking Permits

The parking permit sticker must be affixed to the rear windshield on the driver's side bottom corner. A parking sticker must be displayed on motorcycles, motor bikes, and other types of motor vehicles so that it can be easily seen. All students must produce a valid student Oiler OneCard when registering.

Traffic Regulations

The speed limit on campus is 10 miles per hour. Restricted and reserved parking areas are so marked. All of the lots are striped to keep the parking lots orderly. All lots are marked at each entrance as to which spaces are allotted in that particular lot. Faculty/staff must park in yellow spaces. Commuters must park in green-striped spaces, and residents must park in white-striped stalls.

The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of these regulations.

Traffic Violations and Fines

All unregistered vehicles on The University of Findlay property after the first week of classes without a valid parking permit will be subject to towing/booting. The first parking violation will be considered a warning (except violations of parking for people with disabilities and fire lane violations). The second violation will result in a fine. Should anyone wish to appeal a parking violation, he/she must contact Campus Security within five days at ext. 4799, ext. 4601, or from off campus at 419-434-4799 or 419-434-4601.

The following fines will be imposed:

$100 Parking in designated parking spaces for people with disabilities
$75 Reckless operation of motor vehicle
$75 Fire lane, second violation vehicle towed or booted
$45 Blocking Code Blue Phone, vehicle towed or booted, no exceptions
$45 Failure to register and properly display permit
$20 Parking in faculty and staff area
$45 Unauthorized parking in restricted areas
(lawns, courtyards, sidewalks, or crosswalks)
$45 Improper or illegal parking
$75 Boot removal fee
$20 Resident student parking in commuter space

A student who willfully disregards these traffic regulations and accumulates more than four parking violations will be responsible for the towing and or booting costs of the vehicle on the fifth violation. The boot removal fee is $75; the boot removal fee and the violation must be paid at the Business Office or online before the boot is removed.

Payment of Fines

Payments should be made at the Business Office between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. After hours, the owner of the booted vehicle can go online at:

Once the fee is paid, a receipt should be printed. When the receipt is presented to the on-duty officer, he/she will remove the boot. All unpaid fines will be applied to your student account (except the boot removal fee and ticket) and are subject to the regulations governing student accounts.


We welcome visitors on our campus. Persons who visit campus must secure a visitor’s parking permit from the Campus Security Office or the Information Center, located in the AMU, upon arrival on campus. This permit must be displayed on the dash of the visitor’s vehicle. This permit allows the visitor to park in any student or faculty/staff lot except where designated for people with disabilities or reserved.