Honor Societies and Honorary Organizations

Alpha Psi Omega, is a National Theatre Honor Society for participants in collegiate theatre. The goal is to advance and improve the theatre arts at the University of Findlay and to foster diverse cultural values by sponsoring a variety of workshops, readings, and events throughout the year.

Alpha Zeta Omega, is a professional pharmaceutical fraternity whose purpose is to promote the profession of pharmacy; to develop high standards of scholarship; to inculcate a spirit of fellowship amongst its members; to bring together a body of men and women, who by the diligent maintenance of ethical ideals and faithful service, have proven a credit to their chosen profession; to honor achievement in others; to commend all worthy deeds; to build within the fraternity a triangle composed of three supporting sides which are peace, friendship, and brotherly love.

Aristos Eklektos is an honor society designed to encourage excellence in all aspects of a student’s educational development, to foster an academic climate at the University; to reward the meritorious service; to promote leadership and excellence in student endeavors; and to unite in a fraternal way students of academic excellence from diverse major fields of study.

Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) functions as an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences. Its activities shall be designed to stimulate interest, scholarly attainment, and investigation in the biological sciences, and to promote the dissemination of information and new interpretations among students of the life sciences.

Delta Mu Delta (DMD) Nu Beta Chapter is a business honor society whose purpose is to encourage higher scholarship and to recognize and reward scholastic achievement in business programs.

Eta Theta Phi Alpha Honor Society is a national honor society for social work students. The society promotes humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those students who have attained both excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

Kappa Epsilon, Beta Zeta Chapter is an honor society to unite students of pharmacy, to cooperate with the facilities of the colleges where chapters are established, to stimulate in its members a desire for high scholarship, to foster a professional consciousness, and to provide a bond of lasting loyalty, interest, and friendship.

Lambda Nu is an honor society for the radiologic and imaging sciences. The purpose of this Chapter is to foster excellence in teaching and scholarly inquiry in the radiologic and imaging sciences; foster lifelong learning professionals pursuing meaningful lives and productive careers; and foster highly skilled, knowledgeable, and caring individuals who can provide quality patient care in the medical community and to recognize exemplary scholarship.

Lambda Pi Eta, an honor society that seeks to recognize, foster, and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies; stimulate interest in the field of communication; promote and encourage professional development among communication majors; and provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the communication field.

Mortar Board National Senior Honor Society is a national honor society that recognizes college seniors and their exemplary scholarship, leadership, and service.

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society recognizes and promotes academic excellence in all fields of higher education and engages the community of student scholars in service to others.

Phi Theta Epsilon is an honor society that recognizes and encourages scholastic excellence of occupational therapy students. The honor society contributes to the advancement of the field of occupational therapy through the scholarly activities of students and alumni members. It provides a vehicle for students enrolled in accredited programs in occupational therapy to exchange information and to collaborate regarding scholarly activities.

Psi Chi is an international psychology honor society that recognizes and promotes the study of psychology. It recognizes students that excel in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Rho Chi, is a pharmaceutical national honor society that promotes scholarship, fellowship, and recognition of the highest attainments in the pharmaceutical sciences.