Greek Life

The University of Findlay has only nationally affiliated Greek chapters, and those chapters must observe all University policies in order to maintain University recognition of the chapter and the national organization. National affiliation is required for a chapter to be considered for University recognition. If University recognition is ever withdrawn from a chapter or a national, the chapter and national may no longer participate in the Greek community or indicate that they are in any way affiliated with The University of Findlay. Additionally, a non-recognized chapter or national is prohibited from receiving any benefit provided as a result of University recognition.

Fraternity/Sorority Housing Policy

In order for a fraternity or sorority to be recognized by the University, the house they reside in must be classified as “on-campus housing.” Regardless of who owns the house, chapter members and residents of the house are subject to the same policies other “on-campus housing” units and residents are subject to. All rules and regulations of The University of Findlay, including residence hall regulations and visitation policies, apply to fraternity and sorority houses. All individuals involved in a violation will be individually subject to disciplinary action, and the chapter as a whole will be subject to disciplinary action as well.

Membership Education

Fraternities and sororities typically have a specific period in the fall and spring semester for recruitment and education of new members. During the education period, new members are introduced to the ideals, goals, rituals, and expectations of the Greek chapter they are joining. Within the activities, all University rules and regulations are to be observed. At all times, hazing in any form is strictly prohibited at The University of Findlay.

All active and new members must sign a Hazing Form that verifies member compliance with Sections 2307.44 and 2903.31 of the Ohio Revised Code.