Dining Service

General Information

The University of Findlay Dining Services provides a combination of five on-campus restaurants and on/off premise catering that offers nutrition, great taste, and fun!

Henderson Dining Hall, located on the first floor of Deming Hall, features two different restaurants: Simply To Go and The Marketplace.

The Marketplace is an all-you-care-to-eat restaurant that highlights different tastes and styles of service. One can find a classic salad bar, comfort food at Oiler Eatery, and daily favorites at the Grill and Pizza. Meals can also be made to order at The Deli and Simply Servings. A breakfast bar, desserts, and beverages are also available throughout the day. Simple Servings offers whole simple clean foods that is made without gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, wheat, soy, milk products, and eggs. Perfect for athletes, those eating healthy and customers who may have food allergens. The Simple Servings staff members are carefully trained to avoid cross-contamination of their menu and there is designated the equipment, storage area, utensils and preparation area just for Simple Servings. This is an integrated food program that features advanced food technology, new recipe development, and high tech equipment.

Simply To Go is an on-trend, high-quality “grab and go” restaurant, where meal plan customers can exchange a meal package to go for a meal swipe. It is the end of the brown bag lunch. It gives the flexibility, control, variety, and portability for those on the run. Meals can be selected in three steps:

Step 1:

Select any featured entrée labeled with a “1”

Step 2:

Choose a favorite side labeled with a “2”

Step 3:

Pick any beverage labeled with a “3”


Finish off the meal with a complimentary treat labeled with a “+”

Simply To Go

It’s all part of the plan.

In the Alumni Memorial Union, Jazzman’s Brew and Bakery is showcased. Students can relax with their favorite coffee beverage or smoothies while working on their laptops or visiting with friends. On-the-go students can enjoy a quick snack, salads, and sandwiches to go.

The Refinery is located in the Center for Student Life and College of Business. It is the home to our campus food court. Mein Bowl, SubConnection, The Grill @ Findlay, Chef’s Table, Jazzmans Brew and Bakery, Oilers on the Go and The Rig (a student run operation) are the main attractions to this court giving a diverse offering for every taste.

Derrick's Hangout, a student run operation, is your pre-workout and post-workout stop offering a casual atmosphere and a perfect place to rest, hang out, watch the game and meet up with friends. This Frozen All Natural Smoothies (F.A.N.S) and Island Oasis Fruit Smoothies restaurant is located in Koehler Fitness and Recreation Center.

Catering can customize a menu to fit a theme, a budget and a style, or event planners can choose from The Catering Menu that lists popular choices and combinations. Contact the Catering Office for a free consultation. 

Meal Plans

Resident Dining Plans

Anyone can sign up for a meal plan and some students are required to do so. The Meal Plan Requirement is as follows:

  • All first year students that live on campus are required to select meal plan 1, 2, or 3.
  • All second year students that live in residence halls are required to select meal plan 1, 2, or 3.
  • Third year students and beyond who live in residence halls are required to select meal plan 1, 2, 3 or a partial ( #4 or #5) plan.
  • Second year and beyond students who are assigned to a space with a kitchen can choose a meal plan or opt out. 

Plan #1 – Unlimited Plan: unlimited meals in Henderson Dining Hall or Chef’s Table, 10 STG meals a week, $200 Derrick Dollars per semester, five Pal Passes

Plan #2 – Block Plan, 200 meals per semester in Henderson Dining Hall, Simply to go or Chef's Table, $300 Derrick Dollars, five Pal Passes

Plan #3 – Weekly Plan, 10 meals per week in Henderson Dining Hall, Simply to go or Chef’s Table, $300 Derrick Dollars, five Pal Passes

Plan #4 - Oiler Plan, 7 meals per week in Henderson Dining Hall, Simply to go or Chef’s Table, $325 Derrick Dollars, 3 Pal Passes

Plan #5 - Arch Plan, 5 meals per week in Henderson Dining Hall, Simply to go or Chef’s Table, $400 Derrick Dollars, 3 Pal Passes

*Note: Meals with the Resident Dining Plans are not available during official University breaks. However, Derrick Dollars are accepted at all participating locations during Fall, Thanksgiving, Spring, and Easter breaks.

**Visit www.findlay.edu (Keyword: Dining) for the most current listing of participating dining locations that accept Derrick Dollars.

Universal Dining Plans

Students living in a townhouse, apartment, cottage, group house, or commuting from home have the option of a flexible dining plan. The University of Findlay Dining Service has designed a dining plan that allows students to create and customize their own plan by purchasing packaged blocks of 10 meals and by adding Derrick Dollars to fit an on-the-go lifestyle. Students may sign up for the Universal Dining Plan and/or Derrick Dollars, present their UF Identification Card to the cashier and enjoy the meal of their choice while on campus visiting friends, between classes, or just taking the night off from cooking and dishes. Visit www.findlay.edu (Keyword: Dining) for the most current pricing and dining locations.

Other Dining Programs

Ann E. Bonifas Scholarship – This scholarship is awarded to a deserving student employed in dining services each year.

Hugs From Home – To help ease the pressure and stress of college classes, a variety of care packages can be ordered by calling Dining Services at 419-434-4542. Visit www.findlay.edu (Keyword: Dining) for the most current selections.

Special Diets – If a student requires a special diet, we ask that the student provide Dining Services with a letter from his/her physician stating the type of diet he/she is on, along with a list of those items that he/she can or cannot eat. The Dining Services Director will make arrangements to meet the special requirements of the student’s diet.

Parents are always our guests! – This program won’t be found at many colleges. Any time a parent visits the campus, he/she may enjoy a meal on Dining Services. The fine print: Program offered only in Henderson Dining Hall; parent’s son/daughter must accompany the parent to the meal and be on a valid Resident Dining Plan; the program is not offered during special events/weekends such as Homecoming, New Student Orientation, and Commencement weekends or during the summer months. Faculty and staff with a student on the Resident Dining Plan are limited to 10 meals. Any questions about the program, please call 419-434-4542. 

Dining Policies and Dining Card Information

  1. The University Oiler OneCard is the dining card. When the card is encoded with a dining plan, it becomes equivalent to cash. A student should safeguard his/her card!
  2. Since the dining card is also the Oiler OneCard, it should never be loaned to another student. The card represents only the person identified on the card.
  3. If the Oiler OneCard is lost, report it to the Information Center in the Alumni Memorial Union. A temporary card will be issued while a replacement is being issued. There is a fee for lost cards.
  4. If a lost card is not reported immediately, Dining Services is not responsible for any money spent against the account.
  5. Henderson Dining Hall is “All-you-care-to-eat.” However, removal of food from the Marketplace dining area is not permitted.
  6. Open Door Policy – The Dining Services management team encourages students to use comment cards, stop by and talk one-on-one, and participate on the Dining Committee. Feedback is always welcomed.