Medical Withdrawal

A. Appropriate action may be implemented when there is clear and convincing evidence that certain physical, psychological, or emotional health conditions interfere with the student’s ability to function effectively in the academic environment. Essentially, a medical withdrawal acknowledges that the student’s condition prevented her/him from completing current semester academic responsibilities. The severity and duration of the problem must be such that it should be unreasonable to expect the student to make up for missed class work.

B. When the health of a student is assumed to be as defined in paragraph (A) above, the Medical Withdrawal Committee consisting of the Director of Financial Aid, Assistant Dean for Student Success, Director of Counseling Services and/or Director of Health Services, Registrar, Accounts Receivable Manager, and the Chair of the department in which the student’s major resides or a designee of the aforementioned offices will review the case; including any medical evidence or opinion available, and determine a recommended university action. The recommendation of the Medical Withdrawal Committee will be forwarded to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Business Affairs for a final decision.

C. A medical withdrawal, if granted, may include the following:

1. A student being withdrawn from all course work (whether passing or failing). The student’s transcript for the semester would indicate “withdrawn for medical reasons.” The specific nature of the medical withdrawal is not indicated in order to protect the student’s confidentiality. Under this circumstance, there will be a hold placed on the student’s account for future registration until the student provides documentation to the Director of the Oiler Success Center that his/her medical condition has improved.
2. Classes, of the semester in question, would be withdrawn with the date proposed by the Committee. **If Title IV funds are involved there would be a recalculation of these funds.

D. The decision, to accept or deny a student’s request for a medical withdrawal, once rendered by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Business Affairs will be sent to the student by the Assistant Dean for Student Success.