Withdrawal Policy

Complete Withdrawal from all Course Work

Students wishing to withdraw from the University must follow the current withdrawal procedures through the Oiler Success Center.  Students who do not go through this formal withdrawal process may be charged a significant amount of money for tuition, fees and other costs. Please refer to the Change Adjustment Schedule. Failure to attend class(es) does not constitute an official drop or withdrawal. 

Reduction in Number of Credit Hours

It is the student's responsibility to ensure they are OFFICIALLY dropped from class(es). Students should always retain a copy of all transactions related to adding or withdrawing from classes. Please refer to the Charge Adjustment Schedule for any possible adjustments to charges. Failure to attend class(es) does not constitute an official drop or withdrawal. It is recommended that a student drop and add courses of equal credit hours within the same business day.

Because there are many alternate calendars among the academic programs, it is the student's responsibility to review dates and refund percentages in the Charge Adjustments Policy.

US Military Tuition Assistant recipients must contact the Business Office for the Charge Adjustment Schedule.

If a student ceases attending classes without notice, the withdrawal date will be the student's last date of attendance or participation in a course-related activity, as documented by his/her University instructors.