Registration Policy

In order for a student to register for classes, he/she must have met all initial admission requirements and his/her financial obligation to the University must be current. Following are the financial guidelines for registration:

  • Students must owe $500 or less on their student account, or
  • Be current on an official University of Findlay Payment Plan, or
  • Be on an approved Employer Reimbursement Plan.

Only students who are officially registered may attend classes. Students who have not officially enrolled in a course or courses within five calendar days (or the next campus business day after the fifth day) of the start of the academic session in which the course is offered will not receive any course credit until registration is complete and payment is received in certified funds (cash, bank money order, cashier’s check) for the following:

  • Amount of past-due balance;
  • Tuition for non-registered course(s) attended;
  • Applicable fees for non-registered course(s) attended;
  • Late fees based upon the start date of the non-registered course(s) attended;
  • Penalty equal to 10 percent of tuition for non-registered course(s) attended.

Students enrolled in one of The University of Findlay’s graduate-level programs will be eligible to register for up to nine semester hours of credit within another of The University of Findlay’s graduate-level programs under the following conditions:

  • Student is currently in good standing within his/her academic program;
  • Student has met all program specific prerequisite and/or competency requirements for the course work in which he/she wishes to enroll.

Students with delinquent accounts will have a mandatory waiting period before they can register unless the entire balance is paid in full with certified funds (cash, bank money order, or certified check). Students with a history of delinquency may be required to prepay all future courses with certified funds, pending guaranteed financial aid (as verified by The University of Findlay's Office of Financial Aid), or a combination of both.