Refund Policy

When payments or financial aid awards exceed charges a student may be eligible for a refund. All refunds for credit balances will be issued starting the 2nd Friday of a term and every Friday thereafter. Any charges posted to the student account after a credit balance is refunded may result in a balance due, which must be paid when billed. Schedules may be adjusted for any weeks that contain a holiday recognized by the University.

The University of Findlay does not refund “pending” financial aid or any other “pending” credits on a student account. Student accounts on a payment plan are not eligible for a refund until all payment plan obligations have been met. If payment was made by credit/debit card (and a refund is due), the refund amount will be credited to the original credit/debit card.

All refunds will automatically be issued to the student with the exception of:

  • A credit balance resulting from a Parent PLUS Loan
  • Third Party Organizations

Students are highly encouraged to set up direct deposit so that student account refunds are directly deposited into a chosen checking or savings account.

The University refers to the direct deposit option as a Payment Election. Setting up direct deposit is a fast, secure and paperless option.

By default, students will receive a paper check to their home address on file.