EDUC 358 Integrated Language Arts Methods/Curriculum for Middle Childhood and Adolescent/Young Adult

This course includes an overview of both young adolescent (MC) and adolescent/young adult (AYA) language arts curriculum, based on the Ohio K-12 Academic Content Standards for Language Arts. Included will be an investigation of methods in listening/visual literacy, oral communication, creative dramatics, literature, and writing, as well as language acquisition and development, grammar, dialects and usage. Diversity and technological issues will be addressed in all areas. All assignments will be completed in the grade bands of the candidate's license. This course is part of the methods field experience (junior level) and should be scheduled with EDUC 302, EDUC 303, EDUC 354, EDUC 415, and appropriate methods classes for various licenses.




EDUC 202, EDUC 265, SPED 261