CJUS 440 Criminal Profiling

This course will provide a broad overview of criminal profiling, exploring the history, theoretical and empirical foundations, and practice of criminal profiling with focus on serial and violent crime. This course will focus on the role of criminal profiling in the criminal justice system, the major theories of criminality, and the rationale behind the practice of profiling. The scientific literature on the effectiveness of profiling, and an overview of the phenomenon of serial offenders will also be explored. Attention will be given to crime scene analysis, forensic science, and geographic profiling. The final section will examine the ethics of profiling when used in criminal investigations, sentencing, correctional management and treatment, and the future of criminal profiling.




ENGL 106, ENGL 107, or ENGL 206, CJUS 101, CJUS 300, CJUS 345 or permission of the instructor