IX. Intellectual Property Policy Administration

A. Technology Transfer Program

The supervising vice president or senior officer designated by the President shall administer the Technology Transfer Program. The supervising vice president or senior officer designated by the President reports to the Vice President for Business Affairs in matters of technology transfer administration. The Vice President for Business Affairs shall have the following duties:

  1. Keep the official records of Invention Disclosures, Patents, Copyright registrations and licenses.
  2. Evaluate the commercial potential of Inventions and copyrighted works.
  3. Conduct technology licensing activities, including marketing, negotiating agreements, drafting licenses and other legal instruments and performing any other services required to effectuate the commercialization of University Intellectual Property.
  4. Negotiate and draft SRAs in cooperation with the Office of Sponsored Programs and Professional Services and the University’s legal counsel.
  5. Negotiate and sign confidentiality and option agreements with companies and assignments and royalty sharing agreements with employees.
  6. Help create programs that build new relationships between research faculty and companies.
  7. Advise and counsel academic and non-academic units regarding Intellectual Property.
  8. Assist colleges, programs and non-academic units to develop new sources of revenue.
  9. Engage outside consultants and other service providers as necessary to effectuate the goals of this Policy.
  10. Advise the Vice President for Academic Affairs on Intellectual Property policy.
  11. Serve as an ex officio member of the Intellectual Property Review Board.

B. Intellectual Property Review Board

  1. The Intellectual Property Review Board (“Board”) is an advisory body, reporting directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Board shall include seven members, at least one who will be appointed from the Office of Business Affairs. The majority of members should be faculty, deans or directors having knowledge or expertise in science, technology transfer or Intellectual Property.
  2. Board members shall serve at the pleasure of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who shall appoint the Board Chair, and the normal term of appointment shall be for two years. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum.
  3. In addition to duties described elsewhere in this Policy, the Board shall advise the Vice President for Academic Affairs by a) interpreting the terms of this Policy; b) recommending changes or exceptions; and c) annually reviewing the Technology Transfer Program.