Due to potential fire hazards, maintenance issues, and cleanliness concerns, the University of Findlay reserves the right to prohibit any appliance that constitutes a potential risk. As a fire safety precaution, all small appliances (e.g., coffee makers, curling irons, hair dryers…) must have an auto shutoff feature and be connected to UL-approved power strips to stop the flow of electricity when overloaded.

On-campus residents living in University owned housing are permitted to have small refrigerators (6.0 cubic feet maximum) and small microwave ovens (under 800 watts), and coffee-makers with an auto-shut off feature. All other kitchen appliances (e.g., toasters, George Foreman grills, crock pots, induction plates…) are not permitted outside of designated kitchens in house/apartment style housing. More information on permitted appliances is available through the housing webpage or the Office of Student Affairs.

Space heaters, air conditioner units, and other household appliances are not permitted for use on campus unless provided by the University.  Individuals needing such an appliance for a medical accommodation should contact the Office of Accommodations and Inclusion for guidance.