Equestrian Studies Faculty and Staff

Trisha Boutwell, Administrative Assistant, Child Equestrian Complex

Clark R. Bradley, Supplemental Coach, Western

Gerald Coleman, B.S., Riding Instructor, Western

Jill Jewett, B.S., Riding Instructor, English

Susan King, Riding Instructor, Eventing

Meredith Marsh, B.S., Riding Instructor; Interim Director of Equestrian Studies and Equine Management

Rusty Miller, B.S., Riding Instructor

Erika Monticchio, Co-Barn Manager, Child's Equestrian Complex

Brandon Morin, Riding Instructor, Western

Arthur O’Brien, A.A., Riding Instructor; Director of Western Riding Program

Mark Smith, B.S., Riding Instructor

Colton Tom, Co-Barn Manager, Animal Science Center

Brittany Veninger, Riding Instructor, English

Spencer Zimmerman, M.B.A., Riding Instructor