Athletic Department Staff

Kory Allen, Assistant Football Coach, Offensive Coordinator

Caitlyn Bamberger, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach/Recruiting Coordinator

Jacob Boucher, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

David Buck, Assistant Athletic Director; Director, Media Relations

Wick Colchagoff, M.A., Head Women’s Volleyball Coach

Lisa Coleman, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Director Athletics

Thomas Coughlin, Assistant Football Coach, Quarterback and Receivers Coach

Darius Davis, Assistant Football Coach/Assistant Strength Coach

Charles Ernst, M.A., Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Greg Gilbert, Director, Athletic Compliance

Jim Givens, M.A., Associate Director of Athletics, Development and Business

Jacob Glass, Assistant Men's and Women's Track and Field Coach

Bryan Golding, M.B.A., Director, Recreational Services

Dominic Guarnieri, M.B.A., Director, Golf

Fiona Hanks, M.S., Head Athletic Trainer

Brette Hensley, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Kinzey Hickman, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Allison Kelly, Head Women's Lacrosse Coach

Robert Keys, M.S., Head Football Coach

Allison Kleinhans, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Jared Krout, Assistant Men's and Women's Track and Field, Cross Country Coach

Brandi Laurita, Director of Athletics

Todd Lee, Training Coordinator/Assistant Trainer

Lane Leedy, Assistant Softball Coach

Douglas Linden, Director of Tennis, Head Men's Tennis Coach

Danielle A. Lowe-Thwaits, Head Softball Coach

Morgan Loyd, Assistant Football Coach, Recruiting Coordinator

Andrew Makepeace, M.S., Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming Coach

Troy Merriman, Assistant Baseball Coach

Shawn Nelson, Head Wrestling Coach

Kyle Niermann, Director, Athletic Communication

James (Matt) Palm, Head Baseball Coach; Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Wellness

Thomas Rebholz, Assistant Football Coach, Defensive Coordinator

Dean Richardson, Assistant Director of Recreational Services

Carl (Trip) Rogers III, Head Women's Soccer Coach

Justin Roth, Assistant Men's and Women's Golf Coach

Diego Santos, Aquatics Director; Assistant Swimming and Diving Coach

Dan Shardo, Associate Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Mark Sleasman, Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

Andrew Smyth, M.S., Head Men’s Soccer Coach

Brian Taylor, B.S., Assistant Wrestling Coach

Hannah Tong, Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach

Kayla Walker, Assistant Women's Soccer Coach

Chad Wagner, B.S., Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Jeffrey Westmeyer, Head Women's Tennis Coach

James Wiedie, Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Zane Wildermuth, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Bree Woelber, Assistant Men's and Women's Track and Field/Cross Country Coach

Rachel Wright, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Eric Wymer, Assistant Men's and Women's Track and Field; Head Cross Country Coach