The academic standards of the University are expressed in terms of grades that are worth points. Each semester hour of credit for each letter grade carries the number of quality points indicated: “A”-excellent, 4 points; “A-”-slightly less than excellent, 3.67 points; “B+”-slightly more than good, 3.33 points; “B”-good, 3 points; “B-”-slightly less than good, 2.67 points; “C+”-slightly more than adequate, 2.33 points; “C”-adequate, 2 points; “C-”-slightly less than adequate, 1.67 points; “D+”-slightly above poor, 1.33 points; “D”-poor, 1 point; “D-”-slightly above failing, .67 points; “F”-failure, 0 points. Other symbols recorded on the academic record are as follows: “X”-incomplete; “W”-withdrawal; “S”-satisfactory (“C” or better); “P”-pass (“C” or better); “U”-unsatisfactory (“C-” or poorer); “EC”-extended course; “NR”-no grade received; “NC”-no credit, does not affect the GPA. The grades of “S,” “P,” and “U” are used in selected courses.