I. Preamble

The University of Findlay (University) recognizes that issues involving intellectual properties sometimes arise in the course of research and other activities conducted by employees and students using University resources and facilities. As such, the University adopts this Intellectual Property Policy (Policy) to define the conditions of ownership, legal protection, development and licensing of intellectual properties conceived or first reduced to practice by any employee or student of The University of Findlay. Under this policy, intellectual properties can be managed so as to further the University’s mission, enhance the value of such properties and maximize benefits to the University, inventors and authors. In order to ensure intellectual property rights are handled appropriately, the University requires disclosure in the prescribed form of all research activities of its faculty, staff and students. Research as it relates to the Intellectual Property Policy is any activity that utilizes University facilities, funds or is part of an individual’s scope of work.

The Policy applies to all persons employed by The University of Findlay and any person using University facilities under the supervision of University personnel, including, but not limited to, visiting and adjunct faculty as well as students.