Satisfactory Academic Progress

The University of Findlay is required by federal law to establish and disclose standards for measuring a student’s satisfactory academic progress towards an educational program for financial aid purposes. In accordance with federal regulations this evaluation will review a student’s progress based on qualitative (i.e., G.P.A.) and quantitative standards (i.e., pace of progression and maximum time frame). The qualitative standard will compare a student’s grade point average to an escalating GPA scale. The quantitative standard will ensure that a student’s pace of progression through the program will allow her/him to graduate within a maximum time frame. Students attending The University of Findlay are required to complete their academic programs in a total time frame equal to no more than 150% of the normal time that it takes to complete their degree, while also meeting minimum GPA requirements. Failure to meet any of these standards may result in loss of federal student aid eligibility.