Payment and Payment Plan Policy

Payment Policy

Payment is expected in full one week prior to the start of the session; therefore, an itemized statement of charges is available in Workday shortly after registration. Students may elect to sign up for a Payment Plan (available to all students) to make monthly payments.

Full payment will be required by the first day of classes for students who register for courses near the start of the semester. Financial obligations to the University must be handled promptly. Students facing a financial problem should contact the Office of Financial Aid before payment is due. Continued enrollment in a succeeding semester and the issuance of a diploma or transcript cannot be permitted until all financial obligations to the University have been satisfied. Payment in full or an official up-to-date payment plan is required to use certain University facilities.

UF Payment Plan:

  • Available to all students.
  • There is a Payment Plan fee of $65.
  • Participants can sign up for a payment plan as early as 120 days before the start of the semester. Students on the standard calendar cannot register for a payment plan beyond the 30th day of the semester. Students on the Orange Calendar (Weekend) must register for a payment plan 30 days in advance of session start.
  • At the time of sign up, the Payment Plan will calculate installments as (amount due for the semester plus payment plan fee less pending payments) divided by the number of payment dates remaining in the semester. Payment dates are listed below:
    • Standard Calendar:
      Fall: Aug. 1, Sept. 1, Oct. 1 and Nov. 1
      Spring: Jan. 1, Feb. 1, March 1 and April 1
      Summer: payment plan is not available
    • Orange Calendar (Weekend):
      Fall Weekend: Sept. 1 and Oct. 1
      Winter Weekend: Jan. 1 and Feb. 1
      Spring Weekend: Mar 1, April 1, and May 1
      Summer Weekend: June 1 and July 1
  • Late fees of 1.5 percent per month (ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE: 18%) or a minimum $2.00 billing fee, whichever is greater, may be assessed on any late payment plan installments.