EDCI 533 Integrated Science Methods/Curriculum for Middle Childhood

This course focuses on current practices and innovations in the middle school and high school science curriculum, focusing on the state and national standards. This is a hands-on laboratory course with students participating in science activities for middle childhood. The practical application of science is stressed using various learning styles and emphasizing multiple intelligence strategies. Students will focus on problem solving, critical thinking and application skills. Both specific and general legal obligations of science teaching will be addressed. Students will be required to keep logs/journals, prepare lessons and assessments and analyze the classroom and their instruction using College of Education criteria. A second methods course (EDCI 531, EDCI 532 or EDCI 534) should also be taken if the candidate is seeking a middle childhood license. The Level 2 portfolio requirement is attached to this class for middle childhood candidates.




EDFI 503 (post-baccalaureate), EDFI 504, EDFI 560; EDIS 509; EDCI 528 and EDCI 529